About us

G&D free was built from a desire to relieve the inconvenience of free from shipping. Shopping in different places for different products was driving us crazy and the selection of any products is of course generally dwindling. We also disliked the continuity of supply that supermarkets offer with an exciting new products one week only to never be seen again!

G&D free is aimed to fulfil this requirement of being able to shop in a relaxed environment around familiar products and brands and also with the benefit of the quality, variety and reassurance of local suppliers. We have a small team of staff members so we are all very familiar with the products and will be happy to help with any questions and guide you through the store which are most relevant to you.

We have numerous sections in the store. We have extensive gluten free options ranging from fresh breads and fresh pies and pastries to frozen tarts and breaded cod. We cover dairy free options with chocolates, ice-creams and cooking sauces as well as a selection of different milk alternatives for a change. Our vegan range has been in popular demand and we are looking to build on this all of the time with good quality vegan cheeses such as violife and vegusto and also stock many vegan sweets and treats.

A passion of ours is to build a link between healthy eating, nutrition and exercise to a wider reaching goal of health and wellbeing. Because of this we have taken the time to find a supplier which we are happy that respect our beliefs and offer the best quality ingredient to offer the best possible additions to a balanced diet promoting health and wellbeing.

We are still learning as much as ever so if there is anything that you would like to contact us about please do. We want to learn as much from you as we possibly can and about new and exciting products!

We look forward to meeting you.!